Such a Pleasure to Work With

Denny was such a pleasure to work with. Now we have a beautiful octagon sand-colored sunroom that we use every single day. We just love hanging out in there, and the dog loves to lay in her dog bed in the sun. It has most definitely become our family's hangout spot. We have made lots of memories in our sunroom since we've had it.


I learned that City Builders now installs blinds, so we gave Annie a call to see if she would have any options to help control the heat in the room a bit. We had a great time working with her. We found vertical blinds that we liked and installed them around the room. 


Seeing the final product, we absolutely love them. We enjoy that there is more privacy while still being able to have visibility through the blinds. Denny and Annie were both wonderful to work with and we will definitely continue to recommend and use City Builders. Thanks for all the help and hard work!

Kari & Tim Fernholz – Cedar Falls

I really enjoy working with City Builders

I have been a loyal customer of City Builders for quite some time now and I’m always so please with the work they do for me! I called this spring about needing a window replaced that I worked with Dwight on, and my new window is just beautiful and brightens up my whole living room.

​I thought that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get a siding estimate also with Al, and I’m sure glad I did! My house use to be white and my daughter came over to look at colors while I was deciding and we both loved the deep water color and knew that was the one I had to go with. The siding and window teams were fantastic just like the sunroom team was. I really enjoy working with City Builders so much and I’m glad we have a local company like theirs in the Cedar Valley.

​​- Victoria Keiser – Cedar Falls

We're very happy with the work from City Builders

My husband and I had our sunroom built a couple of years ago. It was a pleasure working with Denny and we just love our room. We chose a glass roof and a white structure. It is absolutely beautiful out there when it rains! When it's storming, that's where we're sitting! It's beautiful to be able to watch the snowfall in the winter and still be warm and cozy.


We also decided to go with City Builders to install blinds in our sunroom too. We went with a nice white motorized solar blind to cover the windows. My grandson and I sit out there to do his school work and when it starts to warm up from the sun we put our blinds down and you can absolutely tell the difference! It cuts out that direct ray of light and cools right back down. Jon and his team were great with the installation.


We just love our sunroom and we're very happy with the work from City Builders.

- Kent & Cindy Halder - Jesup

Enjoying our Beautiful Sunroom

My husband and I are finally enjoying our beautiful sunroom built by City Builders.

We went with a beautiful glass Victorian Conservatory Design. We choose a beautiful Versetta Stone for the back wall and added crown molding for the top trim, thanks to Denny for suggesting that to us! My daughter came to visit not too long ago and we very much enjoyed sitting in our new room to visit. 

I have always wanted a sun room and finally after years of waiting, Denny and his team at City Builders were able to make it happen for my family. 

I was very pleased with installation and cleanup. I had a couple questions about paneling, and they got back to me right away. 

Thanks so much for making my husband and I happy! Thank you!

- Phil & Michelle Suggs

Excited to use our new room!

We had our screen porch turned into a 3 Season Sunroom from City Builders! We worked with Denny and he was wonderful to work with. We had all new windows and screens installed and the installation was great. We had a small issue with a couple of the sliding windows and they came out and took care of the problem right away!


We are so excited to use our new room!

- Ken & Pam Depeuw, Waverly

Made it happen right away!

I went to 3 bath contractors to meet a deadline that the VA gave me, and I am so happy that I found Jerry Kinnetz at City Builders. I had to have a bathtub to shower conversion done or they weren’t going to let my husband come home from the nursing home. After 2 no’s from other contractors, I found Jerry and he made it happen right away meeting their deadline. And on top of that, we are in love with the color! I’m happy also that I had the option to match the bench to the walls of the shower. They put a beautiful trim around the window which made me very happy I got to keep my window. Thank you so much Jerry for helping me prepare for my husband to come home. We are really looking forward to it. 

- Bonnie Geary, Waterloo

I am so pleased with the outcome

I had a few windows replaced by City Builders with Starmark Composite windows and let me tell you, I am so pleased with the outcome. My old windows were foggy and breezy and these windows now let in so much more light in the living room. Not to mention they look beautiful on the front of my home! I am looking forward to them being energy efficient and replacing the rest in the future. Thanks Dwight for getting me set up.

- Randy Arends

City Builders is who we are calling!

We had some of our windows replaced by City Builders and I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything to go better. My husband and I noticed right away how much warmer and quieter the windows were. When they did the installation they noticed a small tear in one of the screens so they took it with them and got it fixed for us immediately. The first thing Luther did before he started installation was asked if I had any questions and that made us feel immediately like we were working with a great company. I called Nancy at the office and had a wonderful conversation with her also about how pleased we were with the service.


If we need any future home improvements, City Builders is who we are calling!

- Judy Timmins

We appreciate the great work!

City Builders put in all new windows in my house and we are extremely pleased. Cleanup was fantastic and the windows are so much more quiet. Between my new furnace and my new energy efficient windows I am bound to see a difference in my utility bill! We will definitely be checking in with City Builders when I’m ready to start siding on my house. We appreciate the great work!

 - Galen Dierks 

We ordered more!

My husband and I decided to go with Starmark Composite windows put in our house by City Builders. They were installing all the way into January to make sure we got our windows in a timely fashion! After having our new windows the last 6 months and realizing the difference between quiet and comfort, we just ordered to replace 6 more! I work with Dwight and he knows exactly what we want. I decided to go with a beautiful Cherry wood trim on the inside and white to match the house on the outside. We can’t wait for the rest of our windows to be installed!

- Velda Timmerman

I sent them right to City Builders!

My wife and I had my gutters and a few windows replaced with City Builders. When we walked into church a few weeks ago, my neighbor asked me if I knew a company that replaced gutters and I sent them right to CityBuilders! We replaced the windows in all the bedrooms because the wood was starting to rot and when the wind would come down from the north it was really chilly. With our new windows now, we don’t even notice it anymore.


The crew was excellent to work with and I hope my neighbor works with Charlie on his gutters too. Thanks for the great work and the helpful hand.

- Wade VanHauen

I have been recommending them

We had all of our windows replaced by City Builders and I have been recommending them to people since! I appreciated that when they were finished, I couldn’t even tell anyone had been there by how well everything was put back together.


Thanks City Builders and I will continue to share how our experience was.

- Michelle Swanson